Frequently asked questions

Do I have to send Just Grade It all my rushes?

No, we don't do a full conform with your camera original files. Conforming is prone to XML errors, which slow us down. By scene-cutting a single, flattened file, we can be much more efficient, allowing us to offer our services from only £69 per minute. Before sending us your flattened file, make sure your edit is 100% locked.

What if I've used transitions in my video?

Our scene cut process can handle fades to black and cross dissolves, and some other basic transitions. Complex transitions may mean we can't grade that section of your video. In those circumstances, we will email you two custom LUTs, one for the outgoing clip, and one for the incoming clip. You can then apply these directly in your NLE.

Does Just Grade It apply a stylised or creative look to my film?

Absolutely not. Black will be black, white will be white and skin will be natural. Just Grade It is a technical grade service only, so we will never arbitrarily lift blacks, tint highlights, apply grain, or introduce any other subjective looks to your videos. Subjectivity requires client direction and feedback, which inevitably leads to amendments. Removing this element from our service is key to how we can offer prices starting at just £69 per minute. *If you would like a full, attended colour-grading service, please email admin@justgrade.it for a custom quote.

I have over/under exposed some of my shots. Can Just Grade It help?

We will certainly try! If you shot on a camera with good bit-depth and minimal compression, we stand a high chance of pulling detail out of clipped or crushed areas. Even if we can't recover these details, we will still ensure your video is the best it can be. *Please read our Quality Disclaimer in the footer before using our service.

What format do I upload to Just Grade It?

We prefer Pro Res 422 HQ for any projects that were shot with 8-bit or 10-bit codecs. If your project was shot with a 12-bit or higher codec (R3D, CRM, Arri RAW, BRAW, Pro Res RAW etc) we will need a Pro Res 4444 master file from you. If you are on a Windows PC and cannot export in Pro Res, we also accept Avid DNxHD, DNxHR and DNxUncompressed.

What resolution do I upload to Just Grade It?

Please send us your film in the highest resolution you can, ideally matching the resolution it was captured at.

Are the deliverables supplied by Just Grade It suitable for broadcast?

Although Just Grade It uses professional level equipment for our work, we would not recommend using our service for the puposes of network transmission/broadcast, VOD platforms (Netflix, Prime etc) or commercial feature film packages. In colour-critical applications like these, where a proper QC pass is required and network specifications must be adhered to, we recommend you use a full service post-production facility. Just Grade It is aimed at the online, social media and festival markets only.

I really want to watch you grade my film, and maybe even give a little direction at the same time. Is that possible?

Our monthly 'Pro Membership' costs £99 and includes LIVE remote grading sessions. You can dial in from anywhere in the world and watch your film being graded right in front of you. This also gives you an opportunity to steer the direction of the technical grade (you might want a more or less conservative mapping of black, for example) or discuss creative outcomes for a bespoke LUT you want us to provide.

I'm a DIT and want a technical LUT for the dailies. Can you help?

Our monthly 'Pro Membership' costs £99 and includes up to five custom LUTs per month. Send us just a few seconds of each set up, ideally including charts, and we will create technical LUTs for each scene.

I'm a DoP and want a custom LUT for monitoring on set. Can you help?

Our monthly 'Pro Membership' costs £99 and includes up to five custom LUTs per month. Send us just a few seconds of test footage (ideally including charts), along with a reference for the look you have agreed with the director, and we will create a show LUT for you to monitor with during production.

What if I have 30 minutes of multicam interview rushes I want you to grade?

Our monthly 'Pro Membership' costs £99 and includes up to five custom LUTs per month. If your 30 minutes of interview rushes has two camera angles, for example, you can send us just a few seconds of each angle, requesting two LUTs to be sent back, which are deducted from your monthly allowance.

I'm struggling to find a creative LUT that I like on my graded film, can you help?

Our monthly 'Pro Membership' costs £99 and includes up to five custom LUTs per month. The technically balanced grade we do on your film is the perfect starting point for a creative look, should you desire one, but off-the-shelf LUTs don't always work well with your particular project. Pro members can send us a reference image for the look of their film, and we will send them a bespoke, creative LUT back, which they can apply across their whole film or individual clips as they see fit.

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