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Just Grade It makes professionally colour-balanced video available to everyone.


We provide filmmakers with easy access to professional colourists, so that every project can be crisp, clean, realistic and consistent.

See how it works...

You Shoot It,

We Grade It

Are you an editor, shooter, producer or director? You are? Cool! Nice to meet you - we're colourists! In fact, Just Grade It only uses Blackmagic Certified Professionals.

Take advantage of our specialist team, so you can get back to doing what you do best.


Step 1



 S-log3? C-log2? We don't care! We don't use LUTs! We assess the dynamic range of your shots using a Waveform Monitor and make sure your black and white points are placed precisely, 

retaining as much highlight and shadow detail as possible.

Easy Pricing
No Hidden Costs

By streamlining the colour-grading process, we can offer professional colour from just £69 per minute.

For users who want to unlock the full power of Just Grade It, we offer a monthly 'Pro Membership' that grants access to LIVE Remote Grading Sessions, Bespoke Creative LUTs and expedited turnaround times.


I prefer to shoot in log, but there are times when a full grade is beyond the financial means of a project; 

Just Grade It provides the perfect solution.

I was super pleased with the colour of my short biopic, about master photographer Christopher Simpson, and would confidently use this excellent service again.

Tania Freimuth - DoP


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