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Just Grade It brings professionally colour-balanced video to filmmakers everywhere.


Through our web portal, creators can send their ungraded films to our team of professional colourists, so that every project can be crisp, clean, realistic and consistent.

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You Shoot It,

We Grade It

Are you an editor, shooter, producer or director? You are? Cool! Nice to meet you - we're colourists! In fact, Just Grade It only uses Blackmagic Certified Professionals.

If you have a film that is 60s or less and don't require a full creative grade, you can take advantage of our fixed price, zero-interaction, technical grade service; and get back to doing what you do best.

The Full Monty

Though we've become known for our innovative, zero-interaction, technical grade service, we also offer full colour-grading services from our cutting edge suite in Somerset, England.

If you would like to get a quote from our senior colourist, Ollie Kenchington, please use the chat box, or email him directly using the button below.



Just Grade It has been great for me, especially when I have a client who needs to see the film before it is finished. At those times I want, not a LUT, but a human touch, to get it to where the client doesn’t get scared by log. I can show them a well balanced and neutral piece of film, and JGI's grade can become the starting point for the creative grade later.

Jamie Harding - DoP


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